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A year's worth of Lotto

by Alma Bahman

How much does Illinois play?
It tops our headlines and empties our bank accounts, but people continue to play the Lottery. From those who occasionally buy a ticket to the devout player who buys in every week, how much money do people pitch in for the Lotto?

Online records of the money contributed toward the Lottery goes back to 2006, but this data set organizes the dollars by zip code. Clicking over each area on the map below reveals the total amount spent within that zip code in the 2011 fiscal year. Keep in mind that the state doesn't break these numbers down any further - or at least such detailed data isn't yet available to the public. However, it's interesting to see where people are buying more tickets (or simply spending more on them), hoping to strike it rich.

According to the state's Lotto website, Illinois' sales totaled $2.28 billion in 2011 and about 59 percent of that ($1.33 billion) went to winners.

The only zip code in the highest range is 60619 in Chicago, specifically the neighborhoods of Calumet and Grand Crossing. The 2010 adjusted gross income in that area was $848,625,365. According to the Illinois Department of Revenue's report, the zip code with the highest adjusted gross income was 60614 (Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood) with $5,204,274,369.